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Stephane Boucher About me:
The human being behind this web site and a few others ( and is Stephane Boucher (Note carefully that there is an "e" at the end of "Stephane" and not an "ie").

Stephane was born and grew up in Montreal, Canada in a very loving French-Canadian family. He now lives in the province of New-Brunswick in Canada with his wife and his 3 children.

If you appreciate this web site and would like to contribute to its improvement, there are several ways you can do so:
1- Become an active member by rating and submitting some content frequently.
2- Write reviews (books & movies), comments and suggest links.
3- The more people who discover this site and participate, the more new content we are all likely to discover. If you have a web site, you may link to from yours. If you decide to do so, I would appreciate if you could use the following words or something similar:

Inspiration on
Hundreds of Inspirational Quotes, Inspirational Books, Inspirational Movies that you can rate. You can also get recommendations based on your ratings.
html code
<a href="">Inspiration</a> on<BR> Hundreds of <a href="">Inspirational Quotes</a>, <a href="">Inspirational Books</a>, <a href="">Inspirational Movies</a> that you can rate. You can also get recommendations based on your ratings.

4- Last but not least, if you would like to financially support my work on this web site, you can do so through a few means. First, most of the time when someone buys a book or a dvd following a link from this web site, I receive a commission. I also receive a commission when someone buys a copy of the ebook: The Top 101 Experts That Help Us Improve Our Lives, that I recommend if you are fairly new to the self-improvement world or would like to discover some great teachers to help you improve your life. I have also signed up for a paypal account for those who would like to support my work with a direct donation (use the paypal button below). For those of you who have already done so, thank your very much for your helpful contributions. If for some reasons, you would like to donate but don't want or can't use the paypal system, please feel free to contact me directly.

About is a place for me to share with the world my favorite inspirational quotes/books/movies... But it is also a place for YOU to share with the world your favorites. Actually, my vision is to bring tens or even maybe hundreds of people like you and me to use this place to share with others their favorite sources of inspiration.

But my vision goes further than that.

I felt drawn to include a rating system on the site, allowing people to voice their opinion about a quote or book or anything else on the site simply with a number from one to ten. I thought that would be great to find out this way what are the most appreciated sources of inspiration. But I also felt a little uneasy about the common rating system and it's usefullness. Let me explain why. Chances are that by averaging all ratings from all participating members, the "highest rated" books or quotes or movies aren't likely matching your or any other individual member's interests. They are just an average. The ratings would be much more significant for YOU if the ratings from all the members who are "incompatible" with you would not be counted in the average.

I liked the idea so I came up with a way (an algorithm) to implement it, to "filter" from your experience of this site all the ratings from members who are deemed "incompatible" with you. An incompatible member is someone with a rating pattern very different from yours. Typically, what you rate high they rate low, and what you rate low they rate high...

But to find out who is incompatible with you, the system has to know a little about you and it does it through your ratings. So all you have to do is rate a few quotes and/or books and/or movies and let the system do its magic overnight (the algorithm is using quite a bit of computer resources so it makes sense to run it when the traffic on the site is low). When you'll come back tomorrow or anytime after, the highest rated items should match more closely your interests.

In addition to that, if you happen to have a "rating pattern" similar to the one of other member(s), then the system will let you know and allow you to browse this or those other member(s) ratings.
All this will make more sense though as the number of members will increase and the content will grow. Become a member today (quick and free) and join me in this positive project.

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Words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels. ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

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